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Avail our quality-marked line of Fire Extinguishers & Fire Alarm Control Panel Installation Services, etc.

About Us

Accidental fire is one of the major threats to lives and belongings of people. Fire hazards are common and taking precautions against it is a very basic practice. In making available the most latest technology based fire protection products in the Indian market, name of our company, Safe Fire Service, enjoys being at the top of the list. We are the no.1 choice to avail Electric Fire Pump, Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Fire Alarm, etc., because of our product sourcing network, which is extremely powerful. We are glad to share excellent bond with some of India's best manufacturers that are experienced at designing and developing fire protection products.

As a dealer of the best brands of fire protection products, we enjoy loyal support of a huge customer-base. All esteemed customers are kept informed about newly added features in the range and given complete guidance about its quality usage. The most basic yet crucial business requirement of every client from a company is moral business dealing. Knowing this well, our company keeps its approach ethical in business. Huge level of transparency is maintained at the time of business operations, which assists in uplifting customers' trust on our business capabilities. We also excel in offering Maintenance Repairing Services For Fire Alarm, AMC Fire Hydrant Service, Fire Alarm Installation Service, Fire Alarm Maintenance Service, etc., as a service provider.

Customers Satisfaction

Every business unit dreams of success. However, this dream becomes difficult to transform into reality for those business units, which do not have a  happy customer-base. Our company is elated to let clients know about being extremely client-centric. Our customer-focused business plans and policies help us create a positive image of ourselves in the minds of clients. We behave very cordially with each and every customer and keep openness in communication. Clients are informed from our end about details of the delivery process and modifications taking place in other business processes.

Why Us?

  • We deliver orders before promised time.
  • We fulfill each and every business commitment.
  • We treat all customers with respect and honesty.

A Quality Service Providing Company

Our business entity is nationwide appreciated for handling business role of not just a trader but service provider too. Excellent support coming from the side of an experienced, professional and dedicated team helps company to execute Fire Alarm Installation Service, AMC Fire Hydrant Service, etc. Quality execution of undertaken services makes us an ideal business partner to many valued customers, nationwide.

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